Marybeth R.

“My call was answered quickly. The customer service rep was knowledgeable, confident but friendly. She explained every step she was taking & resolved 3 of my 4 questions/issues. She sent an email to the negotiator after they didn’t reply to instant messaging & asked them to contact me about an account that hasn’t been settled yet. Best experience I’ve had when calling Rockwell!”

Frank W.

“Your Representative was outstanding in helping resolve my issue! I am so thankful about RLG and will always use this agency in the future for all my financial issues!”


“I called to ask for an update on my acct. I was surprised to learn that my final payment will be sent to my last creditor this month! I am pleased with how fast I was able to get my accts settled, earlier than what was originally anticipated!”

Randy D.

“They do all the talking to creditors making this whole process less stressful to me. All I have to do is make my payment every month. When I call and talk to someone they are always so friendly and helpful. They answer all my questions.”