Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

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Protecting Consumers From Creditors That Don't Follow the Rules

Owing money is stressful enough without having to deal with harassment. For this reason, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, restricts how creditors and their agents can pursue the funds that you owe them. Unfortunately, many fail to adhere to the strict legal guidelines designed to let you deal with debt responsibly, and this can make your life far harder than it should be.

The practitioners at The Rockwell Legal Group are ready to fight on your behalf. Whether you’re being called at all hours of the night, harassed at your place of employment or threatened with legal action, we provide representation that lets creditors and collectors know they need to follow the law and give you your space.

What Is the FDCPA?

The FDCPA is a critical piece of consumer protection legislation that went into effect in 1977. It prohibits a range of activities classified as deceptive or abusive to ensure that you can gain some relief while you’re trying to pay your debt. Creditors and collectors aren’t allowed to do things like

  • Talk to your relatives about your debts or accounts.
  • Use profane or offensive language in their communications with you.
  • Threaten to have you arrested or sued illegally.
  • Make your telephone ring continually.
  • Contact you after you’ve given them written notice not to.
  • Act like they’re attorneys or law enforcement officials to scare you into paying.
  • File false entries on your credit report.


Have you been subjected to such actions? Has your creditor failed to follow other requirements, like identifying themselves properly and letting you know about your right to dispute a debt? You might be eligible for statutory damages of as much as $1,000 and entitled to recoup your legal fees.

We fight tirelessly to represent you during the claims process. We think you should be compensated for the abuse you suffered, but to us, this is bigger than pursuing a single case. We’re also committed to forcing creditors to change their ways.

Taking Advantage of the FDCPA

Although laws like the FDCPA are designed to help regular consumers, leveraging their protections isn’t always a simple matter of filing a claim. Your creditor is likely to contest your accusations, so it’s critical that you prove your arguments with valid evidence.

At The Rockwell Legal Group, we believe that you shouldn’t have to take on additional debt to fight against mistreatment. That’s why our fees are fair, and we always work to provide intelligent representation that helps our clients build valid cases around verifiable evidence and well-structured arguments.

We've helped countless consumers secure their rights to fair treatment. Will you be next?

We’re well-versed in the theoretical knowledge that underlies FDCPA cases, but we’ve also proven ourselves in numerous courts. In other words, we know how to navigate the claims process.

Whether you want to initiate a lawsuit or you’re just unsure if your creditor acted illegally, you can depend on us to uphold your FDCPA rights. Reach out today for a complimentary case evaluation.