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What Makes The Rockwell Legal Group Different?

The philosophy that consumers have a right to control their finances without creditors ruining their lives is a fundamental American tradition. At The Rockwell Legal Group, we work to ensure that the laws that guarantee such rights function the way they should.

Committed to Advocacy, Education and Forward Progress

Our founders created this practice because they noticed that something was fundamentally wrong with the way the law was enforced and used to protect those in need. Since then, we’ve been firmly dedicated to our mission of providing more than mere representation.

We believe that our clients deserve the knowledge they need to make smarter legal choices. We’re continually improving our skills in and out of the courtroom to ensure that we can help you gain heightened consumer confidence. By investing in bettering ourselves as legal advocates and representatives, we’re helping regular consumers fight back against unfair debt collection practices, illegal reporting activities and life-altering financial challenges.

At the Intersection of Immense Law Knowledge and Proven Practice Lies Rockwell Legal Group

Our team is made up of individuals who also think our goals are worth fighting for. We’re far more than just a group of professionals with big dreams about changing the legal landscape, however.

We support our lofty aspirations with practical experience. We’ve successfully aided and represented clients in areas that included:

  • How to start, structure and operate a company according to modern business law,
  • The legality of creditor activities under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA,
  • Seeking and navigating business and personal bankruptcy,
  • The protections of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA.

We Think You're Worthy of a Level Playing Field

Financial management is one of the most complex responsibilities that business leaders, families and adults have to master. Unfortunately, most people don’t learn about these topics in school, and those who do often remain completely unaware of their legal aspects.

We’ve spent years working to make these legal domains less threatening to those who have to take life-changing actions based on what the law says. From helping people negotiate deals in private mediation to responding to their inquiries about specific aspects of the rules that govern their lives, we never stop empowering our clients to make the best decisions about their futures.

We’re proud to offer tenacious representation that doesn’t falter when it’s time to go before a judge or an appeals court. We love tackling tough questions and solving people’s problems so that they can build the foundations for business and personal growth. The Rockwell Legal Group will always keep fighting to make business, FCRA, bankruptcy and FDCPA law more accessible so that ordinary Americans can leverage the protections and credit rights that our great nation was founded on. Talk to us today to learn more.